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Many people don’t even know who carders are. Especially until that moment, until we meet with them in person. These people steal money from other people’s cards. To avoid becoming a victim of cybercriminals, you need to know a few rules.
The most common way to get the information you need is through calls. Fraudsters call the numbers that they buy in the cvv shop, cc shop, cvv store. Further, a dialogue known to all takes place. The attackers pose as bank employees who want to save funds. In the course of communication, carders try to find out the data that are fundamentally important for them — the code on the back of the card, numbers from SMS messages, sometimes the last transactions, payments.
The main safety rule in such situations is one. In principle, it is, in principle, never to disclose your confidential information to anyone, no matter how persistently they demand it. There is always an alternative — to call the bank at the current number and try to clarify the situation with the hotline employees.
If you are vigilant and careful, it will be hundreds of times more difficult for fraudsters to steal any money from you.

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