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Unfortunately, in our time, a person can lose all savings in just a few minutes. In this he can be professional fraudsters who specialize in credit cards — carders. These people know in which cc shop and cvv shop it is better to buy the data of ordinary users and how to dispose of them later.
And gullible victims often believe in the legends of experienced attackers and only help them in stealing money from the card. It is not uncommon for scammers to find out the code on the back of the card, numbers from SMS, and so on in just a few minutes of conversation.
If they call you and try to find out any information about the card, the latest transactions, amounts or numbers — do not listen to the callers! It is better to contact the hotline or the bank office yourself to clarify the situation and find out who called and why. It almost always turns out that they were malefactors.
Always try to preserve the confidentiality of your card, data as much as possible. Do not use it on dubious sites and come up with strong passwords for the personal accounts of the bank. In this case, it will be very difficult for carders to get close to your property.

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