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Everyone has heard at least once that fraudsters nowadays can easily steal money from a credit card account. Hundreds of sites offer cybercriminals to purchase information from other people’s accounts and cards. They are found by queries: «buy cvv», «card dumps», «buy cc for carding», «best cvv shop».
Of course, there are several ways to protect yourself from fraudsters with which you can preserve your savings. But for some reason, in an emergency, not everyone uses them.
One of the main ways to protect against card fraud is to create an additional card other than a salary card. You can translate into itmoney from the main card on which the funds are located. Moreover, in small amounts. You can pay for everything you need, even on the Internet. And in case of loss of data confidentiality, fraudsters will simply have nothing to write off the balance.
Conclusion — using credit cards is very convenient and simple, and for security, you can take simple measures that will complicate the task of fraudsters.

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