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Modern professional carders in just a few minutes can not only completely empty the victim’s bank account, but also take out a loan. Moreover, surprisingly, in more than half of the cases, the victims themselves tell some of the confidential data over the phone or enter it on websites.
There are hundreds of shops on the darknet: cvv shop lv, bingodumps, cvv shop. They offer stolen card details, passwords, phone numbers to carders. Most often, this is information belonging to citizens of the United States and Europe. Professionals especially like to empty the accounts of foreigners, since due to uncoordinated actions of banks and the police it will not be possible to find them.
But in our country, you can easily lose all your money through negligence. Carders use purchased databases and try to reach cardholders. The most widespread legend is a call allegedly from the bank security service. The attackers are trying to convince that they are trying to write off money from the card right now, they need to be urgently saved. In fact, it is they who are trying to get funds from the account at this moment. Never communicate with those who call you. It is much safer to call the bank number yourself.

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