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Banks don’t get tired of telling us what to do when scammers call. On the websites of many large banks and payment systems there are whole articles on this topic. But when attackers really start a conversation with us, many get lost and basically don’t know how to behave. But just a few minutes of confusion can rob you of all your money off your card. You need to act quickly and calmly.
How they find us and what they can do. Almost all bona fide clients of the bank are perplexed — where did the scammers get my number from, how do they know my name. This situation looks especially strange when the user did not pay with a card on the Internet and honestly kept confidential data.
Unfortunately, most often carders receive information about us after major hacker attacks on banks, payment systems, social networks. Then all the data simply begins to be sold in special stores on the Internet: cvv shop, cc shop, cvv store.
But you can’t get the code sent in SMS so easily. Therefore, the scammers try to come up with a thoughtful legend about why you need to name this code. Naturally, this cannot be done under any circumstances, real bank employees will never ask for such information, and scammers clearly do not need it.

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