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There are a lot of rumors and legends about the carders. We know very little about their activities, in fact, in vain. This information can help you not buy into their gimmicks and save money.
Usually carders work with cards and data of foreign citizens. This is how they try to protect themselves. In principle, it is very difficult to find such fraudsters, since they use a lot of means to ensure anonymity, and the weak interaction of the police from different countries greatly complicates the situation. It is quite simple to buy data of American cards in cvv shop, cc shop.
There are cases when investigations were not even started because of too complicated search activities. Working in the CIS is much more dangerous. Banks and the police interact almost instantly, the chance to answer for the actions increases significantly.
Despite this, clients of banks in Russia periodically encounter calls from scammers who take risks and try to steal money from them. In this situation, the main weapon of attackers is the ability to convince victims. Don’t let them take advantage of it.

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